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So I've been taking an art class this semester.  I've learned a lot but want to learn more techniques.  I am hoping to take more classes next semester =D  Hopefully my skills will improve ^_^

Freshly Steamed took a break, but I am moving along and planning out volume 2!  I'm extremely excited for the upcoming volume....there will be a new format of the comic as well as new characters!   With wedding plans coming up I am hoping to plan everything out by freshly steams anniversary in February.  I just want to continue to say thanks to the fans for being patient during the down time and for continuing to read my silly lil comic ^^
Okay so this past month has been craaaaziiinessss!  I went to northern california to celebrate my nieces 3rd birthday =) and to also give my sister a baby shower.  I went to visit a lot of friends who i haven't seen in over a year =)  Also the most awesomest thing that happened is that i got ENGAGED to my boyfriend of 7 years!  yay!  

When i got back for nor cal i started school and also work.  As i was planning to put up the next installment of Freshly Steamed...inkscape crashed on me =(    I am hoping to put up october issues so be on the look out on the 15th of october =)

Thank you so much for the support and understanding!
Man I hate it when i get to busy to draw =(  this whole month i haven't really picked up a pencil to draw anything.  I hope next month will be a little less busy.  I am actually going to be taking an art class along with spanish 2.  the last time i took an art class was...10 years ago....whoa....i...feel...old. O_O  anyway, i wanted to take the art class to find tune some techniques.  I'll probably post up my drawings.  well off to work i go
So about a week ago the hard drive on my lap top died!  what was crazy is that the whole day it was working perfectly and then i actually witnessed it dying!  first my mouse wasn't working, then it gave me the business icon and then for 15 mins it was frozen.  I turned it off and then back on and what loaded up was a erie white screen.  i waiting for like ten minutes and then a folder with a question mark appeared.  My boyfriend tried to help me and found out that the icon meant that my computer couldn't find the hard drive!!!!!! WHAAAAAT!!!!!  well the next day i took it to Apple and they told me that my hard drive died!  SUPER SAD FACE!!!!!!  all my freshly steamed files were lost T_T  stupid stupid stupid me for not backing them up!  I am usually really good at backing up my files but this time for some reason i didn't back up my freshly steamed now they are all lost.  I'm happy that i have posted my strips here and different sites, but all my original work is gone.  all the banners, icons, character cards....gone.  

It only took apple a day to get fix my hard drive, they even replaced other things on my computer because i was still on warranty, but now it has a different feel and i have to get used to my MAC all over again.  well while i was computerless for a day i managed to draw out the rest of the years comic strips!  and i was making more ideas for vol. 2!!!  i can't wait!  =)  

the latest strip:  intervention i feel was done poorly.  I was actually all done with it before my hard drive crashed so that means i had to redo it all, i was getting tired and irritated with my program that i didn't really try very hard to make it look super awesome.  but i hope everyone still enjoys it =)
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It was my first time going to comic con and it was super fun!  There was so much but i couldn't do everything.  I did enjoy the things that i did get to do though!  I went around and collected free stuff.  I think scoring a star trek watch was my favorite free thing =)  I also got to meet the cast of THE GUILD!  for those of you who don't know what the guild is, it is a web series that is totttally awesome!  if you haven't seen it yet then go to  I also got their autographs!  I wish i had more time to go to panels but the exhibitors hall was so huge that i didn't have time.  I am soooooo super tired right now but it was worth it!  I had a lot of fun =)
Anime Expo was this past weekend and tried Artist Alley for the first time.  While I didn't make a lot of money I feel that I was still really successful.  I got a lot of people looking at my comic strip.  Freshly Steamed gained more fans!  The plushie characters weren't a great hit but I kind of expected that since my comic strip is still new to the whole web comic world.  Everyone liked the steamers however!  I actually had to make more!  Out of the postcards I made Ready Stead Go and Siopao Rangers were the most popular.  At the con I actually got to meat some of the actors from Power Rangers! and they signed my a postcard and my comic strip!  (man i wish i took a picture with them!)  Well I am still wrapping my business for AX.  I already have a lot of ideas for Fanime Artist Alley!  I'm super excited!  

Also at Artist Alley I got to meet a few artist who are soooooooo super talented and now are my friends here on dA.   I hope that I will get to see them next year!  I also have to say that my neighbors bearbearcreative was the best!
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I KNOW I already posted about anime expo, but its coming up next week.  I have most of my cosplay costumes done and most of my stuff for artist alley!  

My boyfriend and his little sister are coming down tuesday night and we are going to check in early on wednesday to beat the crowds thursday morning.  I'm so excited~!  I hope freshly steamed finds more fans.  If you are going please stop by and say HI!
My Lovely Cousin wanted to color one of my sketches and she did a wonderful job!  She is so talented ^__^…
Here is my boring sketch~~!!…
and is my sketch after my cousin put her awesome talents to it!!  

Please please please visit her page!  she is super awesome ^_^
Just wanted to inform everyone that I updated my website:  My boyfriend is currently working on and is making great progress!  

Anime Expo:

I just received my table placement!  I have completed all the plushies and  I received my postcards and business cards as well.  I'm super excited about attending the con!  If anyone is planning on going please stop by ^_^

June 6, 2010

So since i finished everything before way before i thought i was going to i decided that i am going to make more freshly steamed products!  I am currently working on a steamer with the lil siopaos inside and a book of the first few comics.  In the book i am planning to include my postcard images as well as explanations to way I drew each comic.  Its kind of a behind the scenes book =P
Since i was laid off last summer i've been pickin' up the pencil again and sketching out a few drawings.  I loved do it so much in high school and my earlier years of college.  Life got to busy for me and I would only draw a picture when someone asked.  Now that i've had a lot of free time i'm drawing again, and its all just for the pure joy of doing it.  it feels nice =)  I hope that when I do find a job again that i won't stop.
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I've been working on a lot of things for Freshly Steamed

1. Plushies
4. the most obvious the comic strips.

The plushies took about three months to finally get the perfect prototype.  I know there is still room for improvement but I am happy with the outcome.  I will post up pictures soon =)

I am hoping that will be up an running by July.  Much thanks to my boyfriend for working on the layout.  

As far as making more strips I am gonna try really hard to put two out each month.   I think i just go overwhelmed with making plushies that i pushed making the strips aside.  

While I don't expect to be famous for my lil comic I just want to make people laugh and smile.  For those of you who have added my strips to your favorites MUCH THANKS and APPRECIATION!  Even if you don't add them but run across them and read them MUCH THANKS and APPRECIATION to you too!
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I'm so excited!  Freshly Steamed is going to be at Anime Expo!  =)  I need to get crackin' on making more strips for the event.  If anyone is going to go please please please visit me!!!

Just want to also say THANK YOU to all the fans for Freshly Steamed! ^__^ I really do hope every one enjoys it because I enjoy making it for everyone =D
I just wanted to say thanks for all the recent adds!!  I hope everyone enjoys my other works as well.  =)
So wanted to say hello the deviantART world!  I'm new here and i can't wait to start uploading more my work =)  I'm currently working on a web comic called: Freshly Steamed.  Its about these cute little Siopaos (Filipino Pork buns).  I really hope you enjoy!

I'm still learning a lot about different art programs.  I am currently working with Inkscape and Gimp.  All I have to say is Practice makes perfect...right?  ^ ^;

Anyways I really do home you enjoy the comic strips that i've posted.  My goal is two a month!